FilmLAB Shorts 2017

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Films under the guidance of film professionals. This year’s theme is LOVE. At the End of 2016 ambitious projects for this year’s FilmLAB were selected. Under the professional guidance of Dutch filmmaker Jimmy Tai and FilmLAB producers Judith Mulder and Daan Vree the participants were given the opportunity to let their cinematic concepts come to fruition. The films officially premiered … Read More


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Documentary Short | 13 Min. Enang is researching a family portrait taken in the former Dutch East Indies. His great-great-grand- mother is also shown on the photo, a woman from Aceh. His mother then tells him, this wasn’t the photograph they owned as a family. From the photo they owned his great-great-grandmother had been cut off. This sets off his … Read More


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Fiction Short | Comedy | 9 Min. Ricky and Emma are best friends. When Ricky is at Emma’s house playing, he is unpleasantly surprised when Emma’s mother doesn’t allow him to join them for dinner. Instead he has to wait on the couch. Both kids don’t really understand why this is the case and slowly realize that is is actually … Read More


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Fiction Short | 10 Min. The 29-year-old Jeffrey Chen works as a shop assistant in a Chinese supermarket. His fiancé is the 26-year-old Annie Li, who comes from a traditional, wealthy Chinese family with strict parents. Struggling financially, Jeffrey does not have enough money to meet the demands of his parents-in-law. This film is inspired by stories the filmmaker sees … Read More