Judith Mulder has been the backbone of CinemAsia FilmLAB for over a decade. As FilmLAB Coordinator she has given so much time, love and energy to CinemAsia FilmLAB. Even when in later years she was battling illness she always found a way to pragmatically find solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems, to be patient and down to earth and to help the participants to complete the FilmLAB projects for that edition. 

Unfortunately in January 2019 Judith Mulder lost her battle with cancer which has left a void in the organisation that cannot be filled. To honour Judith Mulders Legacy CinemAsia FilmLAB has created the Judith Mulder Distribution fund. Together with Judith we decided on the Judith Mulder distribution fund because it reflects Judith’s wishes for the FilmLAB films, to be seen by as many people as possible and to help to make a different representation of Asians (with a Dutch background) more visible and imaginable. 

The distribution fund will help the films from each edition in their distribution. Every film receive a similar donation from CinemAsia to cover submission fee’s, transportation cost and consultation on distribution..