The ScriptLAB and DocLAB are programs of CinemAsia FilmLAB that help to make the idea for a short fiction film, a documentary or a web series into a concrete filmplan and/or script. The program is designed to get talented filmmakers with an Asian background and allies acquianted with the entire proces of creating a fiction film or short documentary long before the actual production starts. The program is meant to prepare the talents for the film and television industry.

The ScriptLAB is a program for short fiction films and the DocLAB is a program for the development of documentary projects.


In 10 to 12 meet ups you will learn everything, from how to write a proper filmplan, a treatment to writing a filmscript. We show and discuss what a good filmplan looks like, how it’s judged and used in the film and television industry, how you can write a script concisely with the right formatting, what steps you will go through during the writing process and how speed dating with professionals in the industry usually goes and how you can give a strong pitch to convince people on your story and filmplan. You will receive workshops, lectures and feedback from professional in the Dutch Film and television industry. You will peer review each others projects and give each other feedback.

The meetings will take place once every two weeks for a period of 4 months. The entire program will end in a pitch-session, table read or speed dating session with professionals from the Dutch film and television industry.

The three or four participants with the best filmplans, scripts and pitches will receive the opportunity to enter the CinemAsia FilmLAB Shorts program. In this program they will turn their documentary filmplan or filmscript into a short film or short documentary.

Even though we welcome young and new talent, theĀ  ScriptLAB and DocLAB are meant for film talents with an Asian background and their allies who have a clear intent to enter the film and television industry and are prepared to spend time, energy and patience to learn more about this.

The main language for the ScriptLAB and DocLAB is English. This way the program will also be accessible to expats and first generation immigrants.

ScriptLAB 2019

In 2019 during the 10th edition of CinemAsia FilmLAB the first FilmLAB ScriptLAB was organised. In this edition we have given 10 participants the opportunity to create their film idea into a filmplan and filmscript. The participants have had 12 meet ups in which the following matters have been discussed

  • Introduction meet for participants and ideas
  • Lecture on the theme of this edition of the writers room
  • Discussing the first drafts of the filmplan
  • Practicing speeddating and pitching with different industry professionals
  • Discussing the character bible and Arena
  • Discussing the Story and Plot
  • Discussing Story Arcs and Beats
  • Creating Character Constellations
  • Peer review session on script feedback
  • Individual feedback sessions
  • Feedback on pitches, filmplan and script in front of professionals from the film industry
  • workshop on pitching and industry events

At the end of the trajectory the ten participants pitched their filmplan and script to 20 industry professionals after which they had speed dates with them to ask for feedback and explore their possibilities.

The four participants with the best filmplan, scrip and pitches will receive the opportunity to participate with CinemAsia FilmLAB.

The Next Edition of ScriptLAB

The next edition of the ScriptLAB or DocLAB will likely be taking place in the first or second quarter of 2019. The program wil kick-off with a call for submission for those interested to register through a registry form. So register for the FilmLAB newsletter or keep an eye on the FilmLAB website