Throughout the years CinemAsia FilmLAB has developed multiple programs to offer to Dutch filmtalent with an Asian background. Firstly FilmLAB is best known for it’s FilmLAB Shorts Program in which filmtalent, consisting of directors, writers, cinematographers and producers, are matched and get to opportunity to realise their filmidea into a short film. In 2018 FilmLAB has also started the ScriptLAB in which writers and directors will make their filmidea into a complete filmplan and filmscript. A variety on the ScriptLAB, the DocLAB will help documentary filmmakers and producers to create a concrete filmplan and treatment.. They will present these to public and film industry experts at the end of the course. CinemAsia FIlmLAB has also started the FilmLAB Alumni Network in 2019 in which FilmLAB gives FilmLAB alumni and those in the network the chance to get to know each other,  to collaborate and connect to the film industry.

On the Call for Entry page you will find information on the available programs that potential participants can submit to. Dates for the Call for Entries can vary.