The FilmLAB Alumni network has been founded in 2019 to strengthen the CinemAsia FilmLAB Community. CinemAsia FilmLAB can only realize it’s mission to connect filmmaking talent with an Asian Background with the film and media industry if it remains invested in their careers beyond their participation to one of CinemAsia FilmLAB’s programmes.  With it’s Alumni Network CinemAsia FilmLAb wants to give alumni the opportunity to get to know each other, to give each other feedback on their projects, to stimulate collaboration and strengthen the connections with the industry. Through the network CinemAsia FilmLAB will also receive valuable insights on how to support FilmLAB Alumni to connect to the film and media industry and how to stimulate the production of their ideas. 

FilmLAB wants to stimulate the Alumni network with a selection of activities. 

FilmLAB Drinks

FilmLAB organizes drinks every quarter which all FilmLAB Alumni are invited to. These drinks will take place in a variety of locations such as industry drinks, relevant film festival events or during CInemAsia FilmLAB or Film Festival activities. 

FilmLAb Jam Sessions

Every quarter FilmLAB alumni are invited to join a FilmLAB Jam Session. During this Jam Session it will be possible for them to ask feedback for their project: whether it’s a filmplan, treatment, script, montage, distribution plan or abstract idea. Ten days in advance they share their documents and links with their specific request for feedback. 

Every Jam Session will be able to host 5 FilmLAB Alumni. 

CinemAsians 48 Hour Team 

What could be more fun than creating a short film without the pressure of having to make the perfect short like with our FilmLAB Shorts Programme? We give FilmLAB Alumni the opportunity to register for one of several 48 Hour trajectories in the Netherlands every year. In this way FilmLAB Alumni can get to know each other creatively, they can find out if they have a creative click and can filmtalents be involved that have not yet participated in one of FilmLAB’s Programmes. 

FilmLAB Newsroom 

Also a FilmLAB newsroom is created that is focused on creating content for each other and those interested: whether it’s about in depth interviews, event repors, opinion pieces, updates on FilmLAB or on sharing relevant deadlines for distribution or filmplan. A team lead by Coördinator Daan Vree will provide the website and newsletter with relevant information. So keep checking our website!

CinemAsia Productions

CinemAsia Film Festival needs content for every edition such as trailers, aftermovies, film talks or registrations. In the last several years FilmLAB has tried to get CinemAsia FIlmLAB Alumni involved in the CinemAsia Film Festival productions. This turned out to be a success and therefore CinemAsia Productions will be a reality soon. In the first place it will connect the creative talents of the alumni with CinemAsia. 

In a later stage FilmLAB would like to use CinemAsia Productions to realise productions that have not found a place within the current film and media industry and that do not fit in with one of CinemAsia FilmLAB’s existing programs.