5 FilmLAB Quarantine Activities for May

Daan VreeFilmLAB Update

Yes, we’ll stay at home as much as possible and we keep social distance. But often we wish it was all over and we could start making films again. But why should you wait?  Is a real creative person not somebody who can be creative at home within the limits of space and resources? As FilmLAB we challenge you to … Read More

CinemAsia 1.5m Distance Short Film Project

Martijn van VeenCinemAsia Update, Event tip

Are you sick of this period of self isolation?  Make a short film that will be screened during a quarterly screening of CinemAsia! Make a film about the self-isolation times that we are living in. Be as creative as you want: tell your story, what you do, how you do certain activities, how you are dealing with this situation, etc. … Read More