5 FilmLAB Quarantine Activities for May

Daan Vree FilmLAB Update

Yes, we’ll stay at home as much as possible and we keep social distance. But often we wish it was all over and we could start making films again. But why should you wait?  Is a real creative person not somebody who can be creative at home within the limits of space and resources? As FilmLAB we challenge you to be creative during quarantine. This is an overview of our coming activities before summer holiday.

1. FilmLAB Digital Meet-Up
Thursday May 7th, 20.00 – 21.00 

This online meet-up is an informal talk to have some fun and keep each other updated about things happening (or not happening at this moment) in the film industry. Please feel welcome to join, grab a drink at your own refriguator and go online for a chat with fellow filmmakers.

Do you want to join, then on May 7th between 20.00 and 21.00 click on this link: meet.google.com/ffu-vvgd-sit. We’ll see you then!


2. 1.5m Distance – Open Call for filmmakers
Wednesday May 20th

Do you want to make a short film that will be screened during a quarterly screening of CinemAsia? Than this open call is something for you. Make a film about the self-isolation time that we are living in. Be as creative as you want: tell your story, what you do, how you do certain activities, how you are dealing with this situation, etc. The deadline is the 20th May 2020 at 23:59.  

More info? Check the open call of the 1,5m short film project and the video below. Or sent an e-mail to 1.5meters@cinemasia.nl

3. Digital Jam Session
Thursday May 21st | 20.00 – 22.30

This quarterly FilmLAB event gives alumni of the FilmLAB Network and other (starting) filmmakers with an Asian background (or Asian story) the opportunity to discuss their current film projects with the FilmLAB coordinators and other filmmakers.  All projects are welcome: whether it’s an idea, an outline, a filmplan, a script, an first montage or a distribution plan. The FilmLAB Jam Sessions are meant to help provide each other with feedback and to help filmmakers realise their films.

Interested in joining this FilmLAB Jam Session? Sent an email with your project details and documents to filmlab@cinemasia.nl to sign up. The deadline for submission is Friday May 14.

4. Movie Poster Corona Parodies

FilmLAB Alumni Haider Hussain is working at Knock Knock Studio and they created a fun movie (and series) poster parody challenge. Get inspired about the movie poster parodies here and share your own poster parody on Instagram using the hashtag #covidmoviechallenge and/or tagging @weareknockknock.




5. Sundance Co//ab Masterclasses

During this difficult time Sundance has made several of its masterclasses available for free. So get the chance to learn more about short films and webseries all the way to sound design and gaming. Click here to browse through their masterclass library!