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IDFA is screening more than twenty Asian documentaries this year. FilmLAB supporters André and Daan have put together a top 6 and will be present at the screenings themselves. Come and join us and let’s meet! Our top 6:

1. Children of the Mist (Vietnam)
André present Thursday 25 November, 16:45

2. Writing with Fire (India)
André (shortly) present Sunday 21 November, 16:15

3. Now Is the Past (Japan/Indonesië)
Daan present Friday 26 November, 21:15

4. Four Journeys (China/NL)
André present Friday 26 November, 21:30

5. A Marble Travelogue (China)
Daan present Sunday 28 November, 10:15

6. A Thousand Fires (Myanmar)
André present Friday 25 November, 17:15

For dates, availability of tickets and information about all Asian documentaries that IDFA screens, go to IDFA goes Asian.