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The Film Festival Jam Session will be held at thursday March 5 at 8pm @Rialto during CinemAsia Film Festival 2020.

This quarterly FilmLAB event gives alumni of the FilmLAB Network and other (starting) filmmakers with an Asian background the opportunity to join the FilmLAB coordinators and discuss their current filmprojects. All projects are welcome: whether it’s an idea, an outline, a filmplan, a script, a montage or distribution plan. The FilmLAB Jam Sessions are meant to help provide each other with feedback and to help filmmakers realize their films.

Wanna join?
Interested in joining this FilmLAB Jam Session? Send an email with your project details and documents to to sign up. The deadline for submission is Friday February 28th at 8pm.

Short reaction Michael Snörr | participant last Jam Session 
Michael Snörr

Photo: website of Michael Snörr

“The program of  CinemAsia gives me the feeling that there are oppurtunities in the film- and tv-industry as a Dutch Asian. Being able to participate in the Jam Session felt as a helping hand: something I was looking for and hoping for.

Although I knew nobody at CinemAsia, I felt very welcome. Not only because I felt accepted because of my background, but also beacuse there was interest for my filmidea that was still in an early stage of development.

The feedback I got was constructive and professional: very direct, concrete and confrontating, but also refreshing, creative and encouraging. Not only they listened very well to my goals, but also they were doing suggestions to reach these goals.

After the Jam Session I felt extra motivated, because I got tools and a clear direction to go on with my project. Besides of that I feel myself supported, because I found a connection within a community. I feel extra inspiration to contribute and to be of value for more reprenstation of Dutch Asians in the  film and tv-industry.”

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