The CinemAsia FilmLAB Website is online!

Martijn van Veen CinemAsia Update Leave a Comment

The CinemAsia FilmLAB website is online!

The new CinemAsia FilMLAb website is online and that’s a good thing. Now you can find the correct information on FilmLAB more quickly and easily. The amount of information became too much to be properly included into the general CinemAsia Film Festival website. Not only has the CinemAsia FIlmLAB archive been improved and extended, but you can also easily find information on our mission and vision, about our team, our programma’s and an extensive Q&A section. 

Soon our FilmLAB editors will also be providing updates and articles on the website and will we provide a structure for FilmLAB Alumni to create and update their own profiles for people to see. 

I hope that you will find the information that you are looking for. In case you have a suggestion or would like to contact us directly, then you can always send us an email at or through our Linkedin page